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NumCol, The Brain Training Game About Matching Numbers And Colours

A mobile game where you have to be quick and stay mentally alert, ideal for quickplays or casual gamers.

Bilbao, November 8, 2014

NumCol is a game, initially released for Android devices, which not only is fun but also it helps you to exercise the mind. It was created by an indie developer in Bilbao with the aim of filling the dead moments of anyone having a smartphone or tablet.

It was designed for casual games because of the duration of them and the extremely simplicity of learning to play. NumCol is great while you are waiting for someone, you are traveling by subway or even while you are in the elevator. It has different levels of difficulty so both children and adults can play, there is even a special level for the fastest ones.

Game operation

The game shows a 36 buttons board having different numbers and colors, above this board a color and a number is displayed, the goal is to find the corresponding button and to press it before time runs out. If you guess the button disappears, the time starts again and another colour and number is displayed,the round finishes when you make dissapear all the buttons. Once done, a new round starts, this time you have to be even faster than in the previous one. A failure plays down 3 seconds and you can get from 1 to 100 points with each correct answer, it depends on how quickly you guess it. NumCol has 4 levels of difficulty:

  • Kid Mode: You start with 30 seconds per button.
  • Normal: You start with 10 seconds per button.
  • Difficult: You start with 5 seconds per button
  • Ninja Mode: You start with 3 seconds per button

It is in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French and Basque) and in two versions: free and paid. The free version is full featured, it only displays ads.


This is the first game created by Alberto Varela, a web developer from Bilbao. 'I used HTML5 because it is easier to make multiplatform apps and because it is a technology which I currently work with' the author says.


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